Here you can find answers to the most commonly asked questions related to caphei.com system

What is caphei.com?

caphei.com is a service allowing transfers initiated from the payment card to another payment card.

In what situations I can use caphei.com?

Practically, whenever you want to transfer money. For example, you may want to top up your spouse’s account, who is doing shopping, a child, if he/ she has spent all money in the summer camp or you dine with your friends and want to give the money back. You can use caphei.com anytime and anywhere- just using the Internet Service. You can make your payment in the country and abroad. Transactions to most financial institutions, to most payment cards are made within few minutes and to some banks within maximum 2 days.

Which cards work in card to card money send service?

Mastercard and Visa debit and credit cards with the remote payment service enabled (no physical use of the card). Cards issued on the name and surname of a specific person should work. Prepaid cards and business cards do not work. If your card is a Mastercard or Visa card issued with your data and still does not work, please contact your bank.


How can I make a transfer?

A transfer can be made via caphei.com.

Do I have to be a registered user to make a transfer?

Yes – you can make a transfer as a registered user only.

Which data of the recipient do I have to provide?

Just provide name and the number of his payment card. Then we will make the transfer to the card indicated by you.


Compliance with PCI DSS regulations

caphei.com system operates in accordance with requirements of Mastercard and Visa organization and Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards. All data stored in the system are protected by special certificates and security procedures. We use the best electronic transactions security policies, and several partners and thousands of clients trust us.

How do I confirm the transaction?

Transaction in caphei.com service are secured in the same manner as other payment card transactions in the Internet. According to rules of payments in mobile devices and in the Internet, each transaction is verified by the owner of the card by entering CVC2 code.

What are transaction limits?

In order to increase safety, we introduced transaction limits. The daily limit specifies maximal amount of transactions, which you can make per one day, and the monthly limit specifies maximal amount of transactions, which you can make in one month.

Can I increase my transaction limits?

Yes – you can register on caphei.com and verify via your phone number. Registered and verified users have higher transaction limits.